Desi-licious Kulfi

Client Background:
Desi-licious Kulfi, a thriving Indian ice cream business based in Canada, approached us for a re-branding and packaging design overhaul. Despite offering an authentic taste of India through their kulfis, the existing brand struggled to capture the essence and diversity of their delectable offerings in the Canadian market.


The challenge lay in revamping the brand identity and packaging to better communicate the rich, authentic flavours of Desi-licious Kulfi. The existing design lacked visual cohesion and failed to convey the unique selling points that set the brand apart in the competitive Canadian ice cream market. The challenge was to create a design that not only celebrated the traditional Indian roots of the kulfis but also appealed to the diverse Canadian consumer base.


Our solution involved a comprehensive rebranding strategy that celebrated the fusion of Indian authenticity and Canadian vibrancy. We developed a new logo that harmonised the cultural elements, integrating Indian motifs with a modern, clean aesthetic. The colour palette was carefully chosen to evoke both the warmth of Indian spices and the refreshing nature of ice cream. The packaging design incorporated visually striking illustrations, showcasing the variety of flavours offered. We also ensured that the packaging communicated the authenticity of Desi-licious Kulfi while maintaining a modern and appealing look to resonate with the Canadian market. The re-branding and packaging design aimed to create a strong brand recall and establish Desi-licious Kulfi as a premium and authentic choice for ice cream enthusiasts in Canada.