Parul Art and Decor

Client Background:
Parul Art and Decor, a thriving business in the art and decor industry, approached us to redefine its brand identity. Specializing in curating unique and aesthetic pieces for interior spaces, Parul Art and Decor desired a brand that reflected sophistication and creativity. With a commitment to delivering bespoke art solutions, the client sought to elevate its presence in the competitive market.


The challenge lay in crafting a brand identity that resonated with Parul Art and Decor’s commitment to sophistication and personalized art curation. The existing brand lacked a cohesive visual identity, making it imperative to create a design solution that captured the essence of the business while standing out in the diverse and competitive world of art and decor.


Our solution involved a comprehensive brand analysis to understand Parul Art and Decor’s core values and unique offerings. We developed a refined and elegant logo that conveyed sophistication and a modern aesthetic. The colour palette and typography were carefully chosen to evoke a sense of creativity and timeless beauty. The design elements seamlessly extended to various touchpoints, including the website, business cards, and promotional materials, creating a cohesive and visually pleasing brand identity. The solution not only addressed the existing challenges but also positioned Parul Art and Decor as a go-to destination for those seeking curated and refined art for their spaces.