Anda aur Thanda

Client Background:

Anda aur Thanda, a fast-food brand in India specializing in egg-based dishes and cold drinks, sought to carve a unique identity in the competitive market. With a focus on regional tastes and a playful approach, the client aimed to establish a memorable brand that resonated with diverse audiences.



Navigating a niche market with egg-centric offerings posed a creative challenge. Balancing regional tastes while standing out amid established fast-food giants required careful consideration. The goal was to create a distinctive brand that captured attention and immediate recognition in a crowded landscape.



Our strategic approach involved market research to understand regional preferences, leading to the creation of a vibrant and culturally resonant logo. Adaptable design elements ensured consistency in branding across menus, packaging, and promotional materials. Playful illustrations and graphics communicated the brand’s inviting personality. User-friendly online platforms and social media engagement further contributed to Anda aur Thanda’s success, making it a recognized and celebrated fast-food destination in India.